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Ian is Grey London's Head of Production. This used to mean overseeing TV, but today, it's more about enabling non-traditional creative ideas through new talent and innovation. Anything's possible: whether we're producing a TV ad, a pop promo, a behind the scenes film, digital or PR content, he wants to ensure the agency is raising the bar and ahead of the competition, thinking differently, efficiently and neutrally.

Ian has worked in advertising for 13 years, launching global campaigns for P&G, GSK and Mars. A specialist in image-driven brands, Ian has brought this attitude to Hugo Boss Fragrances for the past five years, overseeing the award-winning global work that has made Boss the fourth largest fragrance franchise in the world. Significantly, as the brand has successfully moved from a model to celebrity-led strategy, he has introduced the super-shoot, gathering all marketing content at once to maximise time with them.