Toshiba - Space Chair | Space Chair Project TVC

Toshiba's strapline is 'Leading Innovation'. The products were delivering on this promise. The brand was not. The question we asked ourselves was how to make a commercial that was as innovative as the brand it advertises.
'Timesculpture' - One unique circular rig housing 200 ordinary Toshiba camcorders aligned and linked together to provide a 360 degree of the action. The external response was overwhelming. And for using the most cameras in a composite film sequence, we broke a Guinness World Record.
'SpaceChair' continued the innovation and saw us send a chair into space. Using a single helium balloon, with four Toshiba cameras attached to it we filmed its ascent capturing images never before seen in HD for a record-breaking ad. The results were spectacular. Within one week of launch, the film had received over half a million hits on YouTube and was the most viewed science and technology clip in the world. Not only did hundreds of thousands of people seek out the campaign, but it raised awareness of Toshiba, got people talking about the brand and delivered record breaking sales. A year on Toshiba had risen from seventh to second in the UK market, its highest ranking for 25 years. {width:375px;}