Rachel - Senior Planner


  • Q.What is the key purpose of your role?
    A.Planners make sure the creative work works- and will solve the clients’ business problem. We help make good work better.
    We work with clients to understand the issues their business faces and we identify what communication can do to solve that problem.
  • Q.What does a typical day look like for you?
    A.Varied. Sometimes I spend time at my desk doing research, trying to solve a problem, reading and writing presentations. Often we have internal meetings, briefing teams, reviewing creative work- I work closely with all the other people who work on the account. Other times I am in client meetings or presentations- either out of the office or in the agency. Planners often have to go to research sessions too- which might be in the local area, or further afield depending on the client you work on.
  • Q.What skills do you need to do your job well?
    A.A point of view, the ability to back it up and convince others of its merit.
    Planners need to have a mixture of logic, curiousity, empathy and an ambition to solve problems.
  • Q.What's the hardest part of your job?
    And reviewing creative work and giving the best possible response.
  • Q.What's the best part of your job?
    A.The fact that I get paid to think, have ideas and have an opinion- so early on in my career, it is both a privilege and a luxury.
  • Q.What's the most fun/exciting thing you’ve done so far?
    A.Conducting research in remote parts of Asia.
  • Q.How has your role changed as you’ve progressed up to a Senior Planner?
    A.Sounds cliché, but a bit more responsibility. Working into Planning Directors less and running projects and bits of business increasingly on my own.
  • Q.Why did you want to work in advertising and is it always what you wanted to do?
    A.It is fun but has a purpose. You need to be both creative and logical. Have an understanding of how a business works and be able to come up with new ideas.
    Nope. I considered pretty much everything else though- from astronaut to academic.
  • Q.What’s the best bit of career advice have you been given / would give to people?
    A.Someone once said to me that when thinking about your career - don’t think about the whole thing like one massive choice. Realistically, you will probably have many jobs and various careers along the way. So make a decision on what’s right for now and throw yourself into it. Enthusiasm is an essential in whatever you do.
  • Q.What’s your proudest accomplishment at Grey?
    A.The first pitch I worked on here we won- hopefully I’ll continue that hit rate!
  • Q.What skills/characteristics are you looking for in applicants to your department?
    A.Enthusiastic, bright, ambitious, logical and creative.
  • Q.In one word: how would describe the work environment in Grey?
  • Q.What do you enjoy most about working at Grey?
    A.The agency is on the up, new people are joining all the time and the senior management are open about their ambition for Grey. The agency is on a journey. It is an exciting time to be here and be part of it.
  • Q.What is the most important thing you have learnt at Grey?
    A.I know more than I thought I did, but less than I should.
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